Training for Directors

Masterpiece Music offers workshops and clinics in several interest areas. Our staff has experience in working with groups at all levels and is ready to customize any workshop to fit your needs. Whether you need training to improve the abilities of your participants, assistance in exploring creative ideas for worship or training in the areas of conducting, choral techniques or musicality, Masterpiece can help you increase your skills and knowledge base. Here are some of the workshops offered.

CONDUCTING 101-Provides training for the beginning conductor. This workshop is extremely helpful for the volunteer choir director (whether choral or handbell). This workshop can be scheduled as one-on-one, or as a class with not over 10 participants. Prior to the workshop, each student will be asked to fill out a questionnaire seeking information regarding conducting. In this way, the workshop can be customized to the needs of the attendees.

One effective use of this workshop would be in inviting directors from your local churches or schools to participate.  It would be a wonderful way to build comradery among music directors in your community.

REHEARSAL TECHNIQUES-Provides instruction for creating a rehearsal schedule which will ensure proper time is given to prepare each piece in your repertoire.  Guidelines for how to run your rehearsal in the most efficient and productive manner will be discussed and students will be asked to create and execute their own rehearsal plan.  The workshop will also touch on the importance of warming up prior to rehearsing repertoire, the importance of the tempo of the rehearsal and how to create a positive and motivating environment in the rehearsal room.