Masterpiece Music offers workshops and clinics in several interest areas. Our staff has experience in working with groups at all levels and is ready to customize any workshop to fit your needs. Whether you need training to improve the abilities of your participants, assistance in exploring creative ideas for worship or training in the areas of conducting, choral techniques or musicality, Masterpiece can help you increase your skills and knowledge base. Here are some of the workshops offered.

Choral Sight-Reading – Focuses on interval training, rhythm reading and basic music theory concepts that will aid your singers in becoming better sight-readers. Reading music requires several “layers” of skill and this workshop will strengthen each layer individually, and then blend them together to create success.

The Choir as Worship Leaders-Offers teaching on the biblical model of the role of the “temple” musicians and helps choirs understand the importance of what they do. When participants realize that what they do is extremely important to the act of worship, they are more committed and passionate about being in a choir.

Repertoire Preparation-Offers extensive and intensive rehearsal on special works. This may be a group of difficult pieces, music for Easter or Christmas, an extended work for a special occasion, or music for an upcoming concert. It is well known that bringing in someone from the “outside” reinforces the training from the group’s regular conductor, as well as adds a new dimension and excitement to the process.

Choral Techniques-Offers training in

  • Developing the vocal abilities of your singers
  • How to get the best sound from your choir
  • How to plan and manage your rehearsal time.

This workshop utilizes the techniques taught at the Eastman School of Music by Donald Neuen.