Blended Worship

Masterpiece Music offers workshops and clinics in several interest areas. Our staff has experience in working with groups at all levels and is ready to customize any workshop to fit your needs. Whether you need training to improve the abilities of your participants, assistance in exploring creative ideas for worship or training in the areas of conducting, choral techniques or musicality, Masterpiece can help you increase your skills and knowledge base. Here are some of the workshops offered.

Offers assistance to those who are considering adding contemporary musical elements to their traditional worship experience or adding traditional musical elements to their contemporary worship experience. Participants will learn how to

  • Develop a “philosophy” of church music
  • Determine the steps right for their congregation for making the transition from a totally traditional worship experience to one that blends in some contemporary style (or vice-versa)
  • Design worship so that each congregant is touched by at least one musical element in the service
  • Find music that will speak to the congregation, modify traditional hymns to sound more contemporary while retaining familiar text and melody
  • Choose and combine music of differing styles so that they flow together

You will also receive a list of Music for Blended Worship music resources. Pastors and church leaders are encouraged to attend this workshop.