About Us

Masterpiece Music was established in 1993 as a provider of fresh, inventive, meticulously crafted original compositions and arrangements for professional and amateur musicians, conductors, worship leaders and teachers. Over the years, Masterpiece works have gained renown and exposure internationally, having been performed in the United States, Brazil, Finland, Germany, Australia, Israel and many other countries. Prior to the creation of this website, the ability to make this music available was impeded by the limits of the traditional means of selling print music.

With the development of e-marketing via the internet, Masterpiece saw the opportunity to provide access to a wider audience utilizing the convenient method of digital downloading. Offering a wide variety of genres, our site delivers music the of newly discovered, as well as established composers and arrangers, directly to your computer. Masterpiece Music’s vision is to provide inspiring and exciting works for worship and concert.

For your music needs…make it a Masterpiece!